Patagon Argentine Grill Now Open


Located on 2nd and Stewart in Downtown Seattle is a new gem to hit the restaurant scene. Welcome Patagon! Decorated with a classic contemporary feel the stylish restaurant mirrors the beautiful décor of its attached Charter Hotel.

Patagon Argentine Grill offers a custom open fire cooking pit fueled with real wood, creating a hot cooking element that delivers flavorful food from meats and poultry to local fish and vegetables. The flavors this technique brings to the forefront of the dishes gives you the feeling you are in Argentina tasting century old recipes handed down from generations…and there is a reason.

Executive Chef Brandon and Chef Stephen spent 10 days in Argentina learning from the best on how to create and cook Argentinian food to perfection. They toured the backend of the restaurants, learning the techniques and asking questions on spices and types of food to serve. They obviously absorbed and took what they heard to heart because they hit the target with the menu and the food.

We tried the Half Chicken and the Skirted Steak. Each was cooked to perfection over the pit and served with homemade chimichurri sauce…delicious!

Serving Breakfast, Lunch and dinner.

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