Bakery Nouveau: New Artisian Chocolate Bars


The Peacock Series

Photo By Clare Barboza

William Leaman spends most days roasting beans, blending flavors, and creating batches of handcrafted chocolate. If you peek through the window in the floor of Bakery Nouveau’s flagship store in Burien, you just might catch a glimpse of Leaman, blissfully happy, and hard at work in his chocolate factory.

Chef-owner William Leaman and co-owner and CEO Heather Leaman opened Bakery Nouveau in 2006 with their first location in the heart of West Seattle. They expanded to Capitol Hill in 2013, and 2017 brought their flagship location to Burien. William is an acclaimed pastry chef and baker whose creativity shines when he combines innovation with longstanding tradition.

Leaman confesses that he is completely obsessed with making chocolate and is also intent on becoming the first bean-to-bakery maker of chocolate in North America. Well, lucky us!

Leaman has just launched the Peacock Series, his second line of artisan chocolate bars.

The Peacock Series includes 12 bars that come wrapped in gold foil with gorgeous labels designed by Kiran Robertson—the one responsible for the stunning mural outside the Burien store—that perfectly complement Leaman’s handcrafted chocolate bars.

Bar #13 is Mocha Milk Chocolate, a special repeat from the first series with a label of original art work by William and Heather’s son.

Thursday, May 31 the below bars will be available at all three Bakery Nouveau locations and retail for $7/each. ENJOY!

Bitter Nag (77%) Dark Chocolate Blend with Nibs and Sea Salt

Bakery Nouveau Classic Milk Chocolate (42%) Milk Chocolate  

Glimmer (42%) Milk Chocolate with Feuilletine

Vanilla Bean Blanc Vanilla and Cream

Superior Cacao (80%) Signature Blend

The Nibbler (42%) Milk Chocolate with Nibs and Murray River Salt

Pecan Gianduja Pecan Milk Chocolate with Candied Pecan Pieces

Highlander (77%) Dark Chocolate with Vanilla Bean, Malt, and Shortbread Cookies

Brown Butter Almond (68%) Dark Chocolate, Marcona Almonds, and Beurre Noisette

Glory Bee (65%) Dark Chocolate and Glory Bee Honey

Conquistador (50%) Darker Milk Chocolate with Honey Roasted and Candied Spanish Peanuts 

Praline Dream Milk & Dark Chocolate with Hazelnut Gianduja and Feuilletine

Mocha Milk Chocolate (38%) Creamy Milk Chocolate with Smooth Coffee Flavor

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